Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We chose our tools - now let's get to work.

With my wife at Tom Corbett's Victory Party
One week ago today, voters across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - and across the entire US - went to the polls and voted for freedom.  I have intentionally waited to post my analysis of the election, simply to give myself time to try to grasp the magnitude and the meaning of what happened.  So one week later, here's my analysis: 

We went to the tool-shed and picked our tools. 

(And here's what I mean) -

When I was in college, I worked for my uncle in the landscaping business.  Nearly every day started the same way:  we showed up early, sat down with a cup of coffee and talked about our job for the day.  Once we had figured out what the job was (i.e. our mission) for that day, we then went to the tool-shed and picked out our tools.  To state the obvious - we picked our tools based upon our mission.  So if our mission for that day was to cut grass, we grabbed a couple mowers.  When our mission was to cut a tree and clean it up, we'd grab a chainsaw and some lawn rakes.  If we were planting trees, we'd grab a spade, a pick and a hose.  But bottom line is that we had a mission to accomplish, and in order to accomplish that mission, we decided what tools would best help us do what needed to be done. 

Last week the voters of Pennsylvania went to the polls and we elected a Republican Governor, a Republican Senator, a Republican Congress, a Republican Legislature, and a Republican State Senate.  However, let's be clear.  This was not the completion of our mission.  Especially for the tea-party voters, this selection of Republicans was no more of a "job-complete" than had I walked up to the tool shed, selected my tools for the day and declared that I was heading home because I had put in a full-day's work.  No, the voters (and especially the tea-party voters), I believe walked into the polling booth last Tuesday, surveyed the "tools" that were available to them and concluded that in order to accomplish the mission they are determined to accomplish, the best tools available were the Republicans.  

I think this distinction is important for two reasons:

First, I urge the pro-liberty voters to persevere with renewed vigor.  I hear some say, "the job is only half-done".  They are wrong.  Our job has barely begun.  All we've done is decided that to accomplish our mission of restoring freedom, the best "tools in the tool-shed" are Republican.  While picking the proper tool is critical, it is the prerequisite for the mission; it is not the completion of the mission.  Our mission has just started. 

Second, all elected officials should be on notice that you were chosen by the voters to accomplish a mission.  The end-all of our mission was NOT simply to help republicans get elected, or to get you elected.  Our mission is to restore freedom to our nation and you happen to be the best advocate available for promoting that principle. 

I have spent enough time with Tom Corbett to know that he understands this concept.  I believe that others like Chris Christie and Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey and Lou Barletta (and others) understand this concept.  But lets make sure that we don't forget it, and lets make sure they don't forget it:  we are on a mission and the mission has just begun! 

Now let's get to work.

(more to come)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Corbett to host Christie, Pawlenty, Barbour, Toomey...and you!

This morning I was at a rally with Tom Corbett in which he explained to the audience what type of governor he will be when elected.  “If you want to know how I’ll govern”, he said, “simply look across the Delaware River to the state of New Jersey and watch what Chris Christie is doing over there”.

I don’t know about you, but that excites me!

This Friday, Tom Corbett will be hosting three of our nation’s leading conservative governors for a special “More Jobs, Less Taxes” Rally and you are invited.  Please join us in Reading at 9:15, or in Lancaster at 10:45 for this historic rally with Governor Tim Pawlenty, Governor Haley Barbour and Governor Chris Christie.  Also attending will be our special guest - the next Senator from Pennsylvania – Pat Toomey!

This promises to be the premier political rally of the 2010 season, and we hope you’ll be able to attend.  More information is below.  Please join us, bring a friend and pass the word.

I hope you'll join us on Friday.

Governors Haley Barbour, Chris Christie & Tim Pawlenty will join the


And special guests: Candidate for U.S. Senate Pat Toomey and Congressman Jim Gerlach


(8:30am doors open)
Millennium Aviation Hangar
2501 Bernville Road
Reading, PA


(10:00am doors open)
500 Airport Road
Lititz, PA

FREE tickets will be available starting Oct 26th by calling the Lancaster GOP office (717) 392-4165
Dauphin Victory Office (717) 425-9059

Friday, October 15, 2010

David Barton Coming to PA!

David Barton and Glenn Beck
I am thrilled to announce that David Barton will be in Pennsylvania on Monday and Tuesday.  If you would like to attend an event with David, here is his schedule.  For the first three events, you must RSVP to Dyan Cross at 610-584-1096.  Just a head's up - there are very few spots available for Valley Forge or Lancaster, so call yesterday if you'd like to attend.

Valley Forge, PA
WHEN: Monday, October 18, 11:30 AM - lunch included
WHERE: National Christian Conference Center
1485 Valley Forge Rd
Phoenixville, PA 19460-2653

Lancaster, PA
WHEN: Monday, October 18, 6:00 PM - dinner included
WHERE: Lancaster Bible College
901 Eden Rd
Lancaster, PA 17601

Pittsburgh, PA
WHEN: Tuesday, October 19, 10:00 AM – continental breakfast included
WHERE: Heinz Field
100 Art Rooney Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212

Wexford, PA
When: Tuesday, October 19, 12:00 PM - bring your own lunch
Pittsburgh Tea Party Activist Event with David Barton
WHERE: Northway Christian Community
12121 Perry Highway
Wexford, PA 15090

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Letter from Jerry

For this week's blog, I simply want to share with you a letter I received recently from former State Representative Jerry Birmelin.  Jerry was the former chairman of the Pro-Life Caucus, was Sam Rohrer's Northeast Coordinator and is a committed Christian. Like Sam Rohrer, Jerry was one of the "good guys" in Harrisburg.  I'll let the letter speak for itself.  

Dear Friend  ....   it's been a long time since you heard from me on matters of a political nature, so I am going to ask you to indulge me a little as I share some thoughts with you concerning the Nov. 2nd choices voters in PA will have. This email is the first of 3. I will share some thoughts with you today about the Governor race and in the next few days, the 10th Congressional and US Senate races.

As you know, I was a strong supporter of Sam Rohrer for Governor and was very disappointed by that loss. There are some good intentioned folks who are continuing that battle by asking people to write in Sam's name in November, but I would caution against doing that. Sam doesn't support that movement either, as we both know that it will only benefit the Democrat nominee, Dan Onorato, who is not as good a candidate as Tom Corbett.

I am encouraging you to vote for Tom Corbett because he is the better of the two men running. I am attaching a recent survey result (from the American Family Association) that compares these men on some very critical issues. While Onorato doesn't appear to be the flaming liberal Democrat that we usually see, he still, in my opinion, is not as conservative as Corbett. When you add the consideration that Onorato would use the office of Governor to support Obama and all the state and Congressional Democrats and raising money for them, he would be a bad choice.

I have carefully watched Tom Corbett as he campaigned after the Primary to see if he would pull to the center, as many GOP candidates often do, but he hasn't. Even in light of the criticisms he has taken for his anti-tax raising position, he has held firm. That is impressive. He will face a very difficult situation if elected when it comes to the state's fiscal mess, but the answer is not to raise more taxes. His social positions are conservative, as you will see in the survey.

Dan Onorato & Hillary Clinton
We are hearing a lot of pundits talking about a "wave" election in favor of Republicans, but it is really about people expressing their dissatisfaction and even anger about what Democrats have done to us in D.C. If Republicans do gain majorities this year, they better produce the results that people want, or they will only be in charge two years also.

As always, I look forward to any feedback you may have.    Jerry Birmelin

Friday, October 1, 2010


Sometimes the best way to get to know a political candidate is to take a look at who their enemies are.  Yes - it's sort of a backwards way of looking at things, but it can be very revealing.  When I see various Union Bosses attacking Tom Corbett, I see that as a very encouraging sign.  When the liberal big-wigs in the Teachers' Union begin twisting facts and mailing out fliers that rip Tom Corbett, I see that - as well - as a reason to actually support Tom Corbett.

A few minutes ago, I received an e-mail notification from an organization called "Onorato Pride".  As you might guess from the name, "Onorato Pride" is an organization committed to tearing apart the traditional definition of marriage & family and replacing it with an "anything-goes" definition.  In their e-mail entitled, "Help Fight Anti-Gay Tom Corbett", they invite like-minded liberals to a "LGBT Reception in honor of Dan Onorato, Democratic Nominee for Governor".  In their e-mail, they ask the following question:

Did you know that Tom Corbett, as PA AG has signed onto an amicus brief filed in the California Prop 8 case, and he is on record saying that if elected, he will push for a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage? So, who is your choice for Governor- anti-gay Tom Corbett or Dan Onorato?

A second blogger writes, "I’m calling on every Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and supportive allies to come out and meet Dan, and hear from Joe Hoeffel and Dan Onorato about why this election is so important for gay and lesbian issues in Pennsylvania."

You see, the radical pro-homosexual community understands that they must unite to defeat Tom Corbett, because the best way to advance their liberal agenda is through Dan Onorato.

I hope that those of us who support traditional pro-family policies will unite behind Tom Corbett.  The attacks will be coming.  Will you join in the fight, or stand on the sidelines? 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Caution! An invitation.

In a recent poll by Quinnipiac University, Tom Corbett has extended his lead over his liberal, democrat opponent by 15 points - 54% to 39%.  In an interesting commentary on  the race, they highlight Tom's support among independents, saying

"an Onorato victory probably would require a sea change among independent voters who are now strongly in Corbett's camp and often are the group that decides elections." 

This poll, combined with the fact that Tom has more than a 2 to 1 advantage over Onorato in cash on hand, is a great sign for a victory in November. 


The Tom Corbett Campaign understands what we all need to remember -


For that reason, we continue to reach out to voters across the commonwealth, highlighting Tom's commitment to lower taxes, less spending, limited government and government reform.  I am excited to announce that we have recently added two more meetings with Tea Party Groups to our already busy schedule.

Western Pennsylvania -

On Sunday, October 3rd, from 7:00 to 8:00, Tom will be speaking at a forum sponsored by numerous Tea Party Groups, to include:

Veterans and Patriots United
The Pittsburgh Tea Party
PA Coalition for Responsible Government
Eagle Forum of  PA
The Pittsburgh 9.12 Project
The Washington, PA 9.12 Project

This meeting will take place at the Doubletree Hotel, 8402 University Blvd, Moon Township, PA.  Come early to get a good seat. 

Eastern Pennsylvania -

The next day, Monday, October 4th, from 7:00 to 8:00, Tom will be attending a gathering of Tea Party supporters in Carbon County as well. This will take place at Penn's Peak - Maury Road & Route 903, Jim Thorpe, PA.  

We hope you'll be able to attend one of these events and hear why Pennsylvania needs Tom Corbett as our next governor.