Friday, October 1, 2010


Sometimes the best way to get to know a political candidate is to take a look at who their enemies are.  Yes - it's sort of a backwards way of looking at things, but it can be very revealing.  When I see various Union Bosses attacking Tom Corbett, I see that as a very encouraging sign.  When the liberal big-wigs in the Teachers' Union begin twisting facts and mailing out fliers that rip Tom Corbett, I see that - as well - as a reason to actually support Tom Corbett.

A few minutes ago, I received an e-mail notification from an organization called "Onorato Pride".  As you might guess from the name, "Onorato Pride" is an organization committed to tearing apart the traditional definition of marriage & family and replacing it with an "anything-goes" definition.  In their e-mail entitled, "Help Fight Anti-Gay Tom Corbett", they invite like-minded liberals to a "LGBT Reception in honor of Dan Onorato, Democratic Nominee for Governor".  In their e-mail, they ask the following question:

Did you know that Tom Corbett, as PA AG has signed onto an amicus brief filed in the California Prop 8 case, and he is on record saying that if elected, he will push for a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage? So, who is your choice for Governor- anti-gay Tom Corbett or Dan Onorato?

A second blogger writes, "I’m calling on every Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and supportive allies to come out and meet Dan, and hear from Joe Hoeffel and Dan Onorato about why this election is so important for gay and lesbian issues in Pennsylvania."

You see, the radical pro-homosexual community understands that they must unite to defeat Tom Corbett, because the best way to advance their liberal agenda is through Dan Onorato.

I hope that those of us who support traditional pro-family policies will unite behind Tom Corbett.  The attacks will be coming.  Will you join in the fight, or stand on the sidelines? 


  1. James, there is nothing "liberal" about wanting to see non-discrimination protections in housing, employment and public accommodations. A person should be hired or fired based on job performance, not because of their sexual orientation. There is nothing radical about that.

    It is also fallacious to claim that anyone who feels like I do about equality doesn't care about pro-family values. That is ludicrous. I love my family and my family loves me. Love is the most important a parent has to teach their children, and I'm all for strong families.

  2. The redefinition of marriage is both liberal and radical.

  3. If gays can get married, doesn't that mean that their health insurance providers can put their spouses on their plans, thus eliminating the need for a portion of state health care recipients? Also, if it's legalized, it will be a whole new industry: Establishments, local attractions, small businesses, restaurants, caterers, and tourism in PA would all go way, way up... That means more money in EVERYONE'S pocket!

    Let's not forget the MOST IMPORTANT thing! More weddings = More cake!! =)

  4. Thank you Tom Corbett for standing up for the definition of marriage and being Pro-Marriage.

    If we redefine the social institution of marriage to include same-sex marriage, we will see its negative affects on children's education, on religious liberties and on the further redefintion of marriage...