Monday, August 16, 2010

4 Political & 1 Personal Updates

#1 - Krupa Withdraws:  I received an e-mail last night informing me that John Krupa would be withdrawing from his race for governor as the "Tea Party" candidate.  Despite the fact that Dan Onorato's machine was pushing hard to get him on the ballot in order to siphon votes away from Tom Corbett, Mr. Krupa did not have enough valid signatures. 

#2 - Corbett's Pro-Life Support:  This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Latin Pride Weekend at the Scranton Festival on behalf of Tom Corbett.  What I found to be so encouraging was the large number of people wearing both Pro-Life stickers and Tom Corbett stickers.  I had the chance to talk with many of the leaders of the pro-life movement here in Scranton and was so encouraged by their strong support of Tom Corbett.

#3 - Corbett's Coattails - The Illinois Review says that Corbett is doing so well that he should not only win, but he will help other conservative candidates as well.  They write:

Added to that Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett is leading his Democrat challenger handily and this could be a good year for Pennsylvania.  Republican Pick-up

#4 - The GOP now has 20 "Victory Centers" up and running across the state.  If you'd like to volunteer your time to help promote Republican candidates, call 717-234-4901 and ask to be put in touch with a center near you.  We are looking for volunteers to help out in a number of different areas.  If you've ever been frustrated with the direction our country is heading and said to yourself, "what can I do?" this could be an answer to your question. 

#5 - Last, but NOT least...15 years ago today, I became a dad for the first time.  As much as I love politics, it pales in comparison to the joy of being a father.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES! 

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  1. happy birthday to your son

    however i would be more interested in how tom corbett is going to handle the excess debt that now burdens our state and how he will reduce spending of the PEOPLES money,also will he stop taking the bribing payouts that obama is giving to the states