Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to Hijack a Tea Party

A few weeks ago, my daughter went to a tea-party.  Now I'm not talking about a flag-waiving, country-saving, liberals-call-me-a-racist kind of tea-party.  I'm talking about a real-live, old fashioned, break-out-the-fine-china kind of tea-party.  It was her 10th birthday, and "Nana" found some old hats, made some little pastries and let a room full of girls invade her dining room.  Despite a couple of spills on the carpet, the girls seemed to have a great time.  I even found an old tuxedo vest in my closet and I doubled as both the chauffeur and the maitre d' for the evening. We had a blast! 

Now imagine my response if halfway through the party, some girl who had never even bothered to speak to my daughter just showed up - uninvited - and declared that this was now "her party".  What if  this neighborhood Nelly Olson simply waltzed in, grabbed a piece of cake and thanked the girls for coming to "her tea party".  How should I respond?  How would YOU respond? 
WARNING:  If you are active in the political movement known as the tea-party, THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. 
It is a clever scheme by a party that realizes it is about to be destroyed in the midterm elections and here is how it works:  In New Jersey, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania, liberal activists have been seeking candidates who are interested in running for office.  These well-intentioned, but extremely naive candidates are told to run on a "Tea Party" ticket.  Yes - you heard me right...the "Tea Party Ticket".  The liberal activists then do the legwork necessary to get the nominee on the ballot for the November election.  Why would the liberals want a so-called "Tea Party Candidate" on the ballot?  One reason:  to take votes AWAY from the Republican.  I guess you could say that Chicago-style politics has now come to Pennsylvania.  Don't be fooled!  This type of trickery should be a wake-up call to unite, to focus and to get out there and get to work for the cause of Liberty!
For more information on the 2010 Tea-Party-Crashing Scheme, click here.

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