Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pro-Life But Anti-Corbett? Think again...

In the next 4 years, more than 100,000 babies are going to be killed in Pennsylvania by way of that horrific procedure known as abortion.  For those who claim to support the sanctity of life, yet oppose Tom Corbett, I ask you to consider the following -

There is currently a bill in the PA Legislature referred to as the Pre-Abortion Ultrasound Counseling Bill.  This bill, if passed, would require a pregnant mother to view an ultrasound of her baby prior to a mandatory waiting period before she could kill her child.

Tom Corbett has promised that if this bill is passed and it comes to his desk, HE WILL SIGN IT.
Dan Onorato has promised that if this bill is passed and it comes to his desk, HE WILL NOT SIGN IT.

So here is your scenario -

Let's suppose that for the sake of argument the election is held tomorrow, and you hold the deciding vote.  Dan Onorato has 4,999,999 votes; Tom Corbett has 4,999,999 votes and there have been 100,000 votes cast for a write-in candidate. When you walk into the polling booth, how will you vote?

Now let's add one more "twist" to this scenario -
Let's also suppose that we are assured that next year the House and Senate will pass the Pre-Abortion Ultrasound Counseling Law and this bill will go to the desk of our next governor.  Again - how will you vote?

Finally, let's also suppose that if Tom Corbett is sitting in that chair and he signs it, that there will be a 17-year-old young lady named Ashley who will go for an abortion, but after viewing the ultrasound of her baby will change her mind and allow her baby - a little girl named Hannah - to live.  Again - the bill will be signed by Tom Corbett; it will NOT be signed by Dan Onorato.

I know there are a handful of people who - for whatever reason - want to "teach the Republican party a lesson" by working to defeat Tom Corbett.  If that is your position, I ask you to consider the very real impact that your vote could have on thousands of the most innocent lives - unborn children.  While this scenario is hypothetical, it is not-at-all out of the realm of likely possibilities.  And again, if your vote holds the power to decide - how will you vote?  Are you willing to "teach the Republican party a lesson" if doing so would cost one little girl her life?  How precious is life?

P.S. As I was writing today's blog, this little girl came into our office with her grandparents.  What a beautiful picture of the importance of voting for a pro-life governor 


  1. well now i would surmise there is only 1 awnser to your post mother or murderer . choose wisley
    you WILL awnser to GOD for killing one of his children

    now on the politcal side of the abortion
    you can,t fix stupid and you can,t legislate morality

  2. Great post.Pro-lifers need to get behind Corbett..this is a defining issue for a candidate.

    Thank you Jim!!!!!!

    Beth Britz

  3. Jim:

    Excellent post. This really gets to the heart of the matter. Those who vote third party will make a statement while risking the life of other Hannahs. We who support Corbett will make a difference while defending other Hannahs.


  4. This is a joke. There are so many reasons an abortion would be better then having a child if the abortion is in the early stages. If that seventeen year old girl doesn't have money and her parents won't support her that child will live in poverty and if that child is sick and the mother can't afford the medicine then the child will die. If drug addicts come in for an abortion wouldn't that be better to have it and spare a baby being born with an addiction all ready? The child will have problems, may die shortly after being born.
    Wouldn't it be better for a mom to just have an abortion before the zygote develops into a human, before the embryo is a child?
    There are many flaws in your logic. I understand if you don't like abortions and you would never get one and that is fine and your opinion but it should be a women's choice letting the government decide what to do with YOUR body or MY body is not something I EVER want to happen.

    Also you may agree with Corbett on this but have you seen or read about his budget cuts? All those schools and colleges for YOUR children are going to suffer and THOUSANDS of jobs are now going to be lost. I hope you are proud of him now!

  5. yeah, there are a lot of budget cuts coming that will make that little future person suffer -- do you want your taxes going up, up, up to provide a lot of medical care for the unwanted child of an unsupervised teenager?

    To each his own, but let's make things good for the people here already.