Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Case for Liberty

"Mixed Bag".

That's the analysis that many in the mainstream press will have regarding yesterday's election results and the impact that the Tea Party is having on the direction of our nation.

I disagree.

Yesterday's results demonstrate the increasing strength of the Tea Party Movement and those who do not see yesterday as a total victory for liberty do not understand what is behind this movement.  The Tea Party Movement is NOT about a specific candidate or party.  It is about the promotion of Liberty. Whenever I talk to Tea Party Leaders, they tell me that their goal is two-fold when it comes to candidates:

1. RESTORE:  To force elected officials to return to our Constitution - to oppose universal healthcare and illegal immigration - to end wasteful earmarks and deficit spending and to restore our nation to what was intended by our Founding Fathers.


2. REPLACE:  When our elected officials are unwilling to listen to "We the People", to replace them with someone who will.

Yesterday's results in Arizona and Alaska were VICTORIES for the Tea Party Movement.  They were NOT a "mixed bag" of results.  Here's why...

Arizona -  In Arizona, the conventional wisdom said that a Victory for JD Hayworth was a victory for the Tea Party Movement and that a victory for John McCain was a defeat for the Tea Party Movement.  Again, those who take that view do not understand what the tea party is all about.  John McCain won because he effectively portrayed JD Hayworth as being a big spender.  I like JD, but John McCain was able to show video of Hayworth serving as the pitchman for "Free Federal Money", paid for by American taxpayers.  Arizonans said NO.  And for all of McCain's faults, he has been an advocate for eliminating earmarks, has stood against the healthcare bill and most recently came out in favor of Arizona's illegal immigration bill.  In short, John McCain won because he convinced the voters of Arizona that he was more in line with the pro-liberty policies advocated by the tea-party.  Now the responsibility of the Tea Party is to hold his feet to the fire and keep him accountable.

Alaska - As I write this, the final results are not yet in for Alaska, but a first-time candidate is actually winning against a sitting US Senator.  The fact that this race is even close is STUNNING!  This illustrates the power of the Tea Party Movement to defeat anti-Liberty candidates when necessary. 

So yesterday was a victory all the way around.  In Arizona, a sitting US Senator realized that his only path to reelection was to support commonsense, fiscally conservative, pro-Constitutional policies.  In Alaska, a sitting US Senator who refused to support the policies advocated by the Tea Party will probably lose.

This is not about a candidate - this is about LIBERTY, and yesterday was a victory for Liberty.

Yesterday was also a great sign for the Tom Corbett campaign.  Here's why:

Tom Corbett has signed the "No New Taxes" pledge - Dan Onorato refuses to do so.

Tom Corbett has filed a lawsuit to overturn Barack Obama's Healthcare Bill - Dan Onorato supports it.

Tom Corbett has joined with other Attorney's General in support of Arizona's anti-illegal immigration bill.
Dan Onorato has refused to support this law.

In short, Tom Corbett is the pro-liberty candidate, while Dan Onorato is the pro-government candidate.  Yesterday was a victory for LIBERTY in Arizona and Alaska.  November 2 will be a victory for Liberty in Pennsylvania as well when Tom Corbett - the pro-liberty candidate is elected as our next governor.

P.S. If you'd like to visit with Tom Corbett, here are some good locations to visit in the next couple of weeks. For more details on these events, check out our newly updated website -

North East
Sept. 4 La Festa Italiana
Sept 5 La Festa Mass at St. Peters

South East
Aug 28 Philadelphia Gun Show in Oaks - (11:00 – 12:00 PM)
Aug 29 Meehan Clam Bake & German Event
Reading Terminal - (11:30 – 12:30 PM)
Danube Swabian Festival - (2:00-3:30 PM)
Sept. 18 Valley Forge Gun Show

South West
Aug 24 Indiana County GOP Picnic
Sept 5 Cambria County Fair
Sept 6 Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade and Picnics

Aug 26 Elizabethtown Fair - (7:15 – 8:15 PM)
Aug 27 Centre County Grange Fair - (6:00 – 8:00 PM)
Sept 22 Ephrata Parade (7:00 PM)


  1. This is such a crock. The "Tea Party" isn't a party at all. It is important, and as a movement, I am hoping that it continues to be a part of the American Political dialogue, but this govt vs liberty is a false dichotomy that serves no one. really.

    It is also nuts to call Tom Corbett the "liberty candidate. He is as mainstream politics as usual as it gets. If you want to support someone who is really more like a Tea Party candidate, check out Sam Rhorer who lost to Corbett in the primary, but many of his supporters are pushing for a write in vote.

  2. Corbett is mainstream, "politics as usual"?!!? You have GOT to be kidding. The same Tom Corbett who is hated by Harrisburg for actually throwing people in jail who break the law? Yeah - that's sure politics as usual. He is supporting the very things espoused by the tea party, therefore he is the pro liberty candidate. James is right.

    The write in is a complete joke and a waste of time and energy. Define "many" when you say "many of his supporters". There are a very few who do nothing but waste their time on the internet trying to appear to be many. The "100,000 Who Will write in Sam Rohrer" website has what 770 people? In the past month, their numbers have actually DECREASED. Go ahead and waste a vote to write in Sam. Then see what another 4 years of Rendell's policies will do to our state.