Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner...

Ed Rendell is on a statewide "tax-'em more bus-tour" to push his tax and spend liberal agenda.  His latest growth-killing proposal is to tax the gross profits on oil companies to raise "up to" $900 million dollars.  The legislature is rightly opposed to this measure, saying the taxes would simply be passed on to consumers (i.e. you and me) through higher prices at the pump (around 10 cents a gallon increase).  His other option for feeding his tax-and-spend appetite is to increase taxes by 3-4 cents a gallon, increase fees for drivers' licenses, increase the cost of registration, increase (blah, blah, blah...)
Is it just me, or does anyone else think we should get back to that old-fashioned, time tested method of making budget and spurring growth:  CUT SPENDING!  There is more than enough waste to go around in Harrisburg, and groups like the Commonwealth Foundation have already identified more than $4.13 Billion dollars worth of waste that could be cut  Even if the governor thinks that the Commonwealth Foundation's proposals go too far, he could always start by accepting the proposals set forth by a bipartisan State Senate commission that identified $400 Million in waste that should be cut.  If a bunch of democrat and republican politicians agree on waste that could be cut, you KNOW there's a lot out there.  The governor has been on a personal diet recently, and should be congratulated for his 40 lb. weight loss.  It's too bad he doesn't see the need to trim the fat from his spending habits as well.  But, if you like killing our economy with taxes and spending, then continue the madness and vote for Dan OnoRENDELLo in November.  He has already mismanaged the budget of Allegheny County, creating a $30,000,000.00 deficit for 2011!
Tom Corbett has signed the "no new tax pledge" and Dan OnoRendello is the hand-picked, deficit creating choice of Ed Rendell.  Any question as to why we need to unite in our support for Tom Corbett?  For a complete schedule of where Governor Rendell will be on his "tax-'em more bus-tour", click here.

Also coming to town...

The Pennsylvania Family Institute has just announced that individual tickets are now available for purchase for their "Friends of the Family" Banquet on August 27.  Tickets are a bit higher than I would normally pay for a meal, but the proceeds go to an incredible organization.  My wife's birthday is August 28, so August 27 is the last day that I'll be married to a woman in her 30's.  Maybe Jill and I will head to Hershey and celebrate with Sarah!  Sound like a plan?  You Betcha!


  1. Where can we get tickets for dinner with Sarah?

  2. Dave,
    You can go to PA Family Website ( Tickets are $200 a person. It's obviously a fundraiser for PA Family Institute, which is why the price is so high.

  3. Hey, James, my birthday is August 31. Wanna treat me and Mark to tickets, too?!

  4. Jeannie -
    I'm a politician, which means you need to pay REAL close attention to my words. Note that I did not say I'd be buying tickets for the dinner. I said my wife and I will head to Hershey and celebrate with Sarah. I'm thinking picnic in the parking lot and hoping that she'll join us. My birthday is Tuesday...wanna treat me and Jill to tickets?

  5. i hope your NOT a politian who speaks with a forked tongue