Monday, August 9, 2010

What's possible when we unite...

For that reason, some analysts have expressed puzzlement that Corbett has appeared to shift to the right during his campaign.  As attorney general, he filed suit over the winter to block the new national health-care law. Just last month, he joined in court action supporting Arizona's tough new immigration law.  - "The Philadelphia Inquirer" - posted a few hours ago. 

When I first announced my decision to support Tom Corbett, a handful of people warned me to not do it.  "True, Tom Corbett may have been running as a conservative for the past few months", they argued, "but now that the primary is over, he is going to show his true-colors!"

If Tom Corbett is indeed showing his "true-colors", I could not be more pleased with my decision.  I have heard "Post-Primary" Tom Corbett remind voters again and again of his pledge to NOT raise taxes.  He continues to remain rock-solid in his commitment to protect the unborn as a pro-life governor.  He has been unwaivering in his fight to clean up corruption, to oppose Obama's healthcare bill and to dramatically reduce spending in Harrisburg.  And as referenced above, just last month (after the primary) he "joined in a court action supporting Arizona's new immigration law".

This election is beginning to remind me of another recent election.  An Attorney General in a neighboring state was running for governor but was being challenged by a candidate named Steve Lonegan.  Lonegan was perceived as the "Tea Party Candidate" and the Attorney General was accused of being the "establishment" candidate.  However, the Attorney General won and is quickly becoming one of my favorite political figures.  Imagine if the voters of NJ had not united behind their 2009 Gubernatorial Nominee...a so-called "establishment" Republican by the name of Chris Christie.

If NJ can get it right, CERTAINLY Pennsylvania can! 

And for my friend Wayne:  Be sure to read tomorrow's blog for more examples of "Fake Tea Party Candidates". 

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  1. i think the real issue is , is tom corbett going to serve in best interest of all the people of pa not just party line

    will he really cut spending ??
    will he really cut out the property taxe and replace with somthing that spreads the burdon to all the people and not just the property owners

    if the s@#t hits the fan within the country as a whole, is his loyalty with the people or with the government ?